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I broke two disks in my spine, had two car accidents, one football injury, a skiing accident, & fell off the roof of a school.

Now that we have that unpleasantness out of the way, nice to meet you.  As you can see from my shorten medical history above, I suffer from extremely high pain in my spine, joints, muscles and daily migraines.  My doctor prescribed cannabis, I got my license to grow my own medicine since the big insurance companies are slow walking the coverage of cannabis in Canada.

I've seen the difficulties of accessing & affording medical cannabis & I don't think anyone should have to go thru this for their medicine. That's why my goal of this show is simply to share my experiences, the latest on the industry, I want to showcase ACMPR growers, as well as expose my viewers to all types of growing operations from newbie to master grower, LP & large scale hemp farm production.

Join me to provide medical cannabis users in Canada with quality information, resources and content to help them in their quest for the best medicine they are legally entitled to consume as prescribed by their doctor.

 Enjoy. Watch.Learn. Grow.

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