Grow Dude Show - Episode #001 - Reason behind the Grow Dude Show


Welcome to episode #001 of the Grow Dude Show, this first episode covers there main topics, purpose of the show, goal of the show, and the type of content I will be producing.

I’m finally ready to get the Grow Dude Show launched, thanks for your patience.

Like many projects there are alway more details and things to do than originally planned.

It’s been difficult building my grow room, helping others and try to manage to build out content for this project they way I’d envisioned it. That being the case, I want to keep things simple, no fancy production – or a little as possible 🙂

This is the Instagram video version of Episode #001 of the Grow Dude Show – since Instagram only give me 60secs.  Please subscribe to the channel on YouTube that is where I go into all the details on why I’m starting the show, the goal and the type of content I’m going to cover in my episodes.

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I’m so excited about all the amazing new growers and old pros that are going to shine in 2019 – this year will be the biggest harvest of cannabis in the history of Canada.  Let’s work together to help medical cannabis users grow and get the medicine they need.

Also let’s ensure we showcase the amazing farmers and craft product makers who are bringing so many great medical grade products to market that are changing people’s lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope to return a small amount of the great value all of you provide to the cannabis community.

If you have any growing related questions, interviews or products you’d like me to review simply comment on any of my videos or social posts.

Patrick (the Grow Dude)

Drop me a line anytime on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube – I’d love to help you with your grow questions & sharing your experiences.

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