Washing your Medical Cannabis plants of insects - Episode #004 - Grow Dude Show


In this episode #004 of the Grow Dude Show I’m covering a process in which an plant infested by some insect in my case a root aphid needs to be cleaned. The two recommended solutions are beneficial insects and then a product like Lost Coast Plant Therapy product.

This process I’m taking 5 new clones and submerging them in the product (diluted with water as per instructions) – first root ball and any media for 10mins at that time I also spray and submerge all leafs and stems.

The roots are then rinsed off with RO water to clean them as much as possible before returning them to a new DWC home.

In most case I would recommend using a product like Lost Coast Plant Therapy one weekly basis in your garden as a safe way to prevent insect issues – this is the most effective way to win against insects. PREVENTION 🙂

Next make sure you use yellow insect tape around your garden & plants to see insects before they’ve had a chance to widely infest your garden.


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